Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Number 285

My first post wearing my Mesh Project body! I know I'm a bit behind the times lol but it is actually really nice. It has beautiful curves and lines. No weird creases or seams by your boobs or ass. My only problem with it is, I didn't own any shoes that fit it. I had to buy shoes or I would have had bare feet in this post lol Luckily a lot more designers are making stuff for this body. This cute Halter Top from The Bishes Inc is one that is super cute. Fits great and comes in a bunch of colors. JUST barely covers your nipples so it's definitely sexy and daring. Matched great with these Sanua Jeans from Suicide Gurls. They are high waisted and fit and look great. Holes and rips down the leg make them edgy and sexy too.

Top: Bishes Inc - Halter Top

Pants: Suicide Gurls - Senua Jeans

Heels: Just Dream - Alexa Sandals v2

Tiarra: SugarBabez - Tiara @Thrift Shop

Glasses: Glamistry - Sunglasses [PU2003]

 Bag: MissNoise - Lady Bag @Eden of Virtual Arts

 Body: The Mesh Project Body

Hair: DeLa - Noa

Eyes: Toxic Bish - Dream Eyes 

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies 

 Ears: Mandala - Taper Ears

Skin: WoW Skins - V2 Kimm

Dimples: Hot Mess - Dimples

Lipstick: Adored - Sugar Lips

 Shape: My Own Shape

Pose: Vestige - Milli 3

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Number 284

Feeling colorful today! So much cuteness to talk about. This Nipples Doll Top from Toxic Bish comes in lots of cute colors and is pretty naughty. It barely covers your nipples so be ready to get some attention. And pair it with this Oh Baby! skirt from Milk Tea and your IM box will be full *Giggles*. You can grab this skirt at a discount at this Purple round of Color Me Project. Other colors available at the main store location. It's such a cute girly skirt, I love it!

Top: Toxic Bish - Nipples Doll

Skirt: Milk Tea - Oh Baby! Micro Lace Mini @Color Me Project

Heels: Missnoise Style - #1 Shoe MyPony @Eden Of Virtual Arts

HeadBand: HolliPocket - Princess Holli Band

 Bracelets: Baby Princess - CandyCakes Arm Cuffs

Necklace: The Little Bat - Kawaii Love Necklace

BackPack: Forever Young - CHOMP! Backpack @Thrift Shop

 Hands: Slink Hands - Flat

Feet: Slink Feet - High

Nails: Hello Dave - Mint

Hair: Suicide Gurls - Stanza Hair @Dark Style Fair

Eyes: Toxic Bish - Dream Eyes 

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies 

 Ears: Mandala - Taper Ears

Skin: WoW Skins - V2 Kimm

Dimples: Hot Mess - Dimples

Face Freckles: Glam Affair - Freckles 

Body Freckles: Okkbye - Serious Full Body Freckles

Lipstick: Adored - Sugar Lips

 Shape: My Own Shape

Pose: Vestige - Harper 10 @Thrift Shop

Location: Virtual Decay

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Number 283

New round of Lubbly Jubblies is starting on May 15th! This even has everything booby applier related you could ever want. Salt has put out this Bohemian Top in lots of colors. Its a cute little top with a lacey looking texture that is amazing as always. Goes so cute with these Skinnies from Bishes Inc. They also come in tons of colors to choose from. The fit is great and texturing is top notch. Thrift Shop is coming up! Check out all the goodies that are going to be there starting May 9th! Whore Glasses from Tilly Willy's, Studded Platforms from Aurora,  My Lil Devil from Style So Chic in the gacha area and Vestige's amazing pose called Harper 9. Don't miss out!

Top: Salt - Bohemian Top @Lubbly Jubblies

Bottoms: Bishes Inc - Skinnys

Heels: Aurora - Studded Platform @Thrift Shop

Pet: Style So Chic -  My LiL Devil @Thrift Shop

 Bracelets: DirtyStories - Lock Me Chains

Tattoo: Suicide Gurls - Shedu Unisex Tattoo @Dark Style Fair

Collar: Suicide Gurls - Arian Collar @Dark Style Fair

Glasses: Tilly.Willy's - Whore Glasses @Thrift Shop

 Hands: Slink Hands - Flat

Feet: Slink Feet - High

Nails: Slink HUD

Hair: Suicide Gurls - Gesalec Hair @Dark Style Fair

Eyes: Adored - Dream Eyes 

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies 

 Ears: Mandala - Taper Ears

Skin: Hush - Parker

Dimples: Hot Mess - Dimples

Lipstick: theSkinnery - Enigma Matte Lipstick

 Shape: My Own Shape

Pose: Vestige - Harper 9 @Thrift Shop

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Number 282

Sexy and revealing new top from Toxic Bish called Sexy Belted Tits. It's sheer and tiny just covering the nipples with belted bottom around the waist. I matched it with these TGDT Pants from Maniac Store. You can only find them at this round of Eden of Virtual Arts that runs until May 10th. They come in lots of other colors and have a super low waist. Great texturing and details on them too. Another great design from Glamistry are these Angelica Heels. As usual they come with a HUD so you can change 2 parts of the shoe, the heel and metals. You can add additional colors to your HUD for a small fee too!
Thift Shop is coming up! It's starting on May 9th and will run until the 30th. Just one great designer you will find there is Style So Chic. A darker type of style if that's your taste. This Dark Apocalyptic Mask Set is definitely fitting. It has a simple spiked crown and a mask that covers half your face. Makeup included too!

Top: Toxic Bish -  Sexy Belted Tits

Bottoms: Maniac Store - Pants TGDT @Eden of Virtual Arts

Heels: Glamistry - Angelica

Gloves: Sweet Evil - Wrist Gloves

Axe: Remarkable Oblivion - Zombie Axe 

Knee Pads: UtopiaH - My Plain Knee

 Bracelets: Progmatic - Black Dot Bracelets

Crown:Style So Chic - Dark Apocalyptic Mask Set @Thrift Shop

Mask: Style So Chic - Dark Apocalyptic Mask Set @Thrift Shop

Tattoo: Style So Chic - Dark Apocalyptic Mask Set @Thrift Shop

Arm Band: Kennedy's - Tough Arm band

Hip Chain: Maxi Gossamer - Babette

 Hands: Slink Hands - Flat

Feet: Slink Feet - High

Nails: Slink HUD

Hair: Pr!tty - Kimberly @Chapter Four

Eyes: Adored - Dream Eyes 

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies 

 Ears: Mandala - Taper Ears

Skin: Hush - Parker

Dimples: Hot Mess - Dimples

Lipstick: Adored - Domme - Obsidian

 Shape: My Own Shape

Pose: Vestige - Harper 2 @Thrift Shop

Location: Valon's Zombie Assault

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Number 281

Last days of 100 Block are upon us! Don't miss out and head over to check out all the goodies there! Like these adorable Everyday Undies from 1 Hundred. They come with a matching top too in lots of colors to pick from. And they match so cute with this Just Top from Toxic Bish. I adore everything that she makes. This top is so simple, just like a little bikini top, but the texturing, as usual is perfect. Comes in other colors also. Also at 100 Block are these Patrol Boots from Kenvie. They come with a platform version and regular version. They look so great with almost anything!

Top: Toxic Bish - Just Top

Bottoms: 1 Hundred - Everyday Undies 
@100 Block

Boots: Kenvie - Patrol High&Low Platform Boots @100 Block

Gloves: Sweet Evil - Wrist Gloves

Stockings: HolliPocket - Drinkin bout YOU Socking

Chains: DirtyStories - Lock Me Chains

 Collar: Red Mint - Posture Collar

Tattoo: Taox - Bitchy

 Hands: Slink Hands - Flat

Feet: Slink Feet - High

Boobs: Lola's - Delicq

Nails: L'Anguisette - Posh Pink @Eden of Virtual Arts

Hair: Dela - Dasha

Eyes: Adored - Dream Eyes 

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies 

 Ears: Mandala - Taper Ears

Skin: L'Anguisette  - Tara Skin @Designers Circle

Dimples: Hot Mess - Dimples

Lipstick: L'Anguisette - Juicy @Designers Circle

 Shape: My Own Shape

Pose: Vestige Modeling Default F 4 @The Instruments

Location: Primal Earth

Monday, April 27, 2015

Number 280

Spooky Cute event is on and its definitely not one to be missed. It is everything you love about Kawaii with a spooky twist. This round runs from April 24th until May 10th. It's packed full with amazing designers making some cute stuff! Like these adorable Kleimer Stockings from Suicide Gurls. They come in 5 different styles, each one cuter than the last.
You have a couple more days to make it over to 100 Block. This cute Author Spring Skirt from Dress Code is there and comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from. And it goes so cute with this Show Off Top from Stuck Up. It is open in the front and so sexy. Pick your favorite color from 14 different choices!

Top: Stuck~Up - Show off tops

Skirt: Dress.code - Author Spring Skirt @100 Block

Stockings: Suicide Gurls - Kleimer Stockings @Spooky Cute

Heels: Scene - Rage Heels @100 Block

Ring: Pekka - Pyr cross ring

Necklace: Pekka - Metal Cross

Bracelets: Progmatic - Black Dot Bracelet 

Ears: Suicide Gurls - Thana Ears @Spooky Cute

 Collar: Red Mint - Posture Collar

Pet: The Sugar Garden - Yorkie

 Hands: Slink Hands - Flat

Feet: Slink Feet - High

Boobs: Lola's - Delicq

Nails: Slink Hud

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Ellie
Eyes: Adored - Dream Eyes 

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies 

 Ears: Mandala - Taper Ears

Skin: Pumec - Victoria

Dimples: Hot Mess - Dimples

Lipstick: Boom - Lip Jelly

Eyeliner: Damned -  Tribal Make up

 Shape: My Own Shape

Pose: Vestige - Covert Affairs 31 @Gangsta Fair

Location: Sex School

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Number 279

We are in the second week of 100 Block and there is so much amazingness there to check out. Stuck Up has out these cute little Micro Booty Shorts that are available in many different shades. They are so tiny and sexy, you're sure to turn heads in these. Tie me up top is a cute and sexy little top from Salt. It is available at this round of Lubbly Jubblies. This new hair is from Dela called  Nelli. It is super cute, is available in tons of color choices and with a boob option as well. If you've never checked out this store, now is the perfect time!

Top: Salt - Tie Me Up @Lubbly Jubblies

Shorts: Stuck~Up - Micro Booty Shorts @100 Block

Heels: Illi - Zoe Heels

Ring: Sweet Evil - Wing Ring

Piercing: Sweet Evil - Hip Dermals

Tattoo: SwaggedOut - Nightmarish Gaze @100 Block

Collar: Red Mint - Posture Collar

Bag: Frogstar - Hooty McOwlface Tote @100 Block

 Hands: Slink Hands - Flat

Feet: Slink Feet - High

Nails: Hello Dave - Pinks

Hair: Dela - Nelli
Eyes/Eyeshadow: The Plastik - Galaxie Eyes+Makeup @100 Block

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies 

 Ears: Mandala - Taper Ears

Skin: Pumec - Victoria

Dimples: Hot Mess - Dimples

Lipstick: Adored - Sticky Lips 

 Shape: My Own Shape

Pose: Vestige - Covert Affairs 6 @Gangsta Fair

Location: TC Space