Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Number 197

 Halloween is so fun! We get to dress up in stuff we normally wouldn't and be whoever or whatever we want to be. This little outfit on the left isn't really a costume, but it sure is freaky. Salt has made these Deadly Denim Shorts which come with the bloody garters. They also come in a non bloody version. You can find them at the Bloody Horror Fair going on now. Bralet Top from Toxic Bish is so simple and cute. Just a little Bralet tube top that comes in a ton of colors to choose from. Also these Judas Pumps from Infliction are one of the many amazing things you will find at the Body Modification Expo. As well as these Steampunk sunglasses from Arise. They come in so many versions so you can match them with just about anything. Pumpkin Witch Hat and Bloody Arms are made by [I<3F]. The hat has different versions, like one with a cat on top, and they are all available in the Gacha Machine! Another set of amazing eyes from [QE] called Pentacle Eyes. This set is Balefire and they are so detailed and realistic, also available at the Body Modification Expo. I took a closeup below so you can see them better along with the Scary Scream Pumpkin Ring by E.A.Studio. This one is in silver and on the right is the same one in Gold.

This Bad Nurse Costume from Cotton Candy Monster is so original. It has cut outs under each boob...definitely something a bad nurse would wear lol The best part of this store is her prices are so super low. This costume is available in a good and bad version and is only 60L! You cannot beat that. It comes with the hat, gloves, stockings, makup, tattoo and heels (not shown). These heels are from [QE] and are called Vintage Peep Toe and are only available right now at the Vintage and Cool Fair. They have a HUD too, so you can change the top, heels and sides to different colors.


Top: Toxic Bish - Bralet Top 

Shorts: Salt - Deadly Denim Shorts (BHF) 

Heels: Infliction - Judas Pumps (BME)

Ring: E.A.Studio - Scary Scream Pumpkin 

Glasses: Arise - Steampunk Glasses (BME)

Hat: [I<3F] - The Witch Hat 

Blood: [I<3F] - Bloody Arms 

Tattoo: Toxic Bish - Dead Doll Eyes Tattoo 

Feet: Slink Feet - High

Hands: Slink Hands - Flat

Hair: Magika - No

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies 

Eyes: [QE] - Pentacle Eyes Balefire (BME) 

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Malena (BOHO) 

Makeup: Cotton Candy Monster - Bad Nurse Costume

Nails: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Victorian Floral (BME)

Shape: Go Figure - Bethany (BP)

Dimples: Hot Mess - Dimples

Pose: Vestige - Primo 7 


Outfit: Cotton Candy Monster - Bad Nurse Costume 

Heels: [QE] - Vintage Peep Toe (V&C) 

Ring: E.A.Studio - Scary Scream Pumpkin 

Feet: Slink Feet - High

Hair: Little Bones - Sea Foam

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies 

Eyes: [QE] - Pentacle Eyes Balefire (BME) 

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Halloween 

Makeup: Cotton Candy Monster - Bad Nurse Costume 

Shape: My own shape

Dimples: Hot Mess - Dimples

Pose: Vestige - MissValeDark 6 

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