Monday, September 15, 2014

Number 178

Check out Corvus and grab this cute Cara Sweater for only 10L! It is available with 6 different sayings and pictures on the front. It's such a simple and cute top, goes with anything. Like these Tina Shorts from Style So Chic. They come in many colors and are available in the Gacha machines at The Thrift Shop 6.0. Also there are these 0054 High Boots from Dharkan that are too cool. They are very strappy and come in  mesh sizes for SLink High Feet. Romp Event is in it's last day today. This event has several stores participating with an item in their main location of an Adult nature...That's where I found up this Leather Blindfold from Goth1c0. It is made of mesh and matches with this STFU Ballgag from Spellbound. It has a HUD so you can change the colors of all it's parts. 

On the right side I have on this super daring and sexy Net Top from M&M Body Shapes. Available in Red, Green and Black. Addie Jacket from Like Design is so amazing. It's got great details and an option for a shirt under it. It comes with a HUD so you can turn the shirt on or off, and change its color, along with the straps on the jacket. Skinny Unbutton Jeans from Toxic Bish come with 3 different tones. Dorothy Shoes from Glitzz you can grab at The Thrift Shop too. They are also available in 6 colors and are so cute.


Top: Corvus - Cara Sweater 

Bottoms: Style So Chic - Tina Shorts (TF6.0) ♥

Shoes: Dharkan - 0054 High Boot Illuminated (TF6.0)

Blindfold: Goth1c0 - Leather Blindfold (Romp)

Spellbound - STFU Ballgag (Romp)

Doll: Bad Apple DesignsHeffalump Pink Rare (TF6.0)

Bag: Suicide Gurls - Loly Bag

Feet: Slink Feet - High

Hands: Slink Hands - Flat

Nails: Hello Dave - Pinks

Hair: Spellbound - Bubsy

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies 

Eyes: Adored - dream eyes - hazel-ish

Ears: Mandala - Stretched Ears Omimi

Skin: Atomic - Muse

Shape: My Own Shape

Dimples: Hot Mess - Dimples

Pose: Vestige - Astride 4


Top: M&M Body Shapes - Net Top

Pants: Toxic Bish - Skinny Unbutton Jeans

Jacket: Like Design - Addie Jacket

Hair Bow: PANTSU*HUNTER Michele Bow (TF6.0) ♥

Shoes: Glitzz - Dorothy Shoes (TF6.0)

Glasses: Blow-Up - Portobello Eyeglasses (TF6.0)

Peircing: KursedAngel - Unisex Mesh Peircing (TF6.0)

Bracelet: Heartistic - Bottle Cap Bracelet (TF6.0)

Bracelets: Gypsy Chic - Cross Flower (TF6.0)

Rings: E:A:Studio - Box Ring Eternity

Tattoo: Speakeasy - Ink'd Beauty Tattoo (TF6.0)

Feet: Slink Feet - Mid

Hands: Slink Hands - Flat

Nails: Hello Dave - Pinks

Hair: Little Bones - Les Garcons

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies 

Eyes:Toxic Bish - Dream Eyes Dark Hazel

Ears: Mandala - Stretched Ears Omimi

Skin: Atomic - Muse

Shape: My Own Shape

Dimples: Hot Mess - Dimples

Pose: Vestige - Pin Up 5

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