Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Number 179

I Love these 2 outfits! On the left is cute belted Rella Top from DuckNipple. As always it includes a HUD so you can change to 12 different colors. I put it with this Balloon Skirt from Salt. Omg it is so cute. It is only available at The Thrift Shop 6.0. Belleze Heels from Illi are available at their main store location, and have a color change HUD. 7 Deadly Skins has a whole new skin line, of which I am wearing Patience. It is the first release of the seven virtues. She has made some updates to her skins, which include: The ass shades, shoulder blade shades, waist/belly light, boobs, nipples and freckles. Come by and grab a demo and check them out!

On the right skin and shape are both from Panda Punx. Such amazing work, the skin comes with cleavage option and a HUD applier for most everything you'd need. The shape is modifiable and includes eyebrow shaper, style-card, and physics. Forever Young dress from Sassy is available in 10 different colors and can only be found at the Young Spirit Fair. Chloe Day Bag from  Salt  comes in many other color options.


Top: DuckNipple - Rella 

Skirt: Salt - Balloon (TF6.0)

Shoes: Illi - Bellize

Cuffs: Coepio -Wrist Cuff

Peircing: Ivy - Belly Line Piercing

Bird: Birdy - Lil Tweet

Feet: Slink Feet - High

Hands: Slink Hands - Flat

Nails: Enchanted Ink -  Appliers French (HHF)

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Cassie 

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies 

Eyeliner: Dammed - CatEyes MakeUp

Lipstick: Boom - Lip Jelly Burgundy

Eyes: Adored - dream eyes - hazel-ish

Ears: Mandala - Stretched Ears Omimi

7 Deadly s{K}ins - Patience 

Shape: My Own Shape

Dimples: Hot Mess - Dimples

Pose: Vestige - Astride 1 


Dress: Sassy - Forever Young (YSE) 

Shoes: FLG - Skull Shoes (HHF)

Phone: The Sugar Garden - Keitai Flip Phone

Doll: MishMish - Fuzzball Bear (C88)

Sunglasses: Izzie's - Oversized Sunglasses 

Icecream: Panik - Kitty Popsicle 

Pins: Random Matter - MisaMisa Pins

Bag: Salt - Chloe Day Bag 

Feet: Slink Feet - High

Hands: Slink Hands - Flat

Nails: Enchanted Ink - Appliers French (HHF)

Hair: pr!tty - Sumi

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies 

Eyes: Adored - dream eyes - hazel-ish

Eyeshadow: 7 Deadly S[k]ins - Envy MakeUp (Group Gift) 

Ears: Mandala - Stretched Ears Omimi

Skin & Shape: 
Panda Punx - Mollie 

Dimples: Hot Mess - Dimples

Pose: Vestige - Astride 3 

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